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Solar Panels

For a while now we at Dobson & Clarke have been fitting solar panels to customers homes. Solar Panels are an excellent investment for your home, as well as a long lasting form of sustainable hot water for your household needs. 

How it works

The earth receives more energy from the sun in one hour than people in the entire world use in a year. Thermal solar energyworks by harnessing this natural energy and converting it into hot water for your home.

We install super-strong solar panels on your roof, connected to copper tubes which the solar fluid is pumped through. A high-tech absorber panel is heated by the sun, which in turn heats the fluid in the pipes.

The fluid travels to a thermally insulated hot water cylinder, made-to-measure for your home. Inside, coils heat the water by transferring energy from the fluid heated through your solar panels and, if needed, your boiler. The now-cooled solar fluid returns to the panels through the pipes to be heated up again.

Our solar panels are made using state of the art German engineering (Germany is the country in Europe where solar installations are most popular).

All components are manufactured to stringent European Standards and put through rigorous quality tests. The cylinders are made to measure to fit your existing pipe-work and the solar coil is specially designed with ‘fins’ for optimum heat transfer.

We only use premium quality pumps and advanced multi-function controllers.

As Worcester Bosch Accredited installers, we are able to offer a 5 year manufacturers parts & labour manufacturers warranty, when we install your brand new, high efficiency, Solar panels,

we are able to offer bespoke solar systems, and can install various solar ht water systems.

Free, Eco-friendly hot water all year round

Start saving energy!

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